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See APTA Rating FYI in News.  
|  Feb 15, 2019
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Men's D1 Playoffs
|  Feb 12, 2019
|  Diane Staggers
Spring Fling Registration Open
|  Jan 29, 2019
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Three Rivers Ball Caps for Sale
|  Jan 08, 2019
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Men's Playoff Schedule (and next season's nights reminder)
The schedule for D1 playoffs is: Thursday 2/21 First Round (home court to higher finishing team) 2 v 7 Lebo-2 @ Lebo-1 3 v 6 FC Golf @ NP 4 v 5 Edgewood @ FC Raq 1 bye LVC Thursday 2/28 D1 Semi’s (Fox Chapel Golf Club) Nationals 3/7 – 3/10 Thursday 3/14 D1 Finals (Fox Chapel Racquet Club) The new night's for next season (2019-2020) will be: D1/D4 Mondays D2/D5 Thursdays D3/D6 Tuesdays D7/D8 - home night choice still available
APTA Ratings FYI
At the start of the season Paddlescores asked the WPPTA to beta test the APTA-developed rating module. It was not announced so that people would not focus on a number that was in beta testing and not being used for anything. Those numbers were generated by a basic weighting scheme. We were just made aware that this rating is supposed to be consistent across all APTA leagues and that basic weighting scheme was there as an example. That's why you may have seen odd results over the course of the year. An APTA representative adjusted the weights, which is why the numbers have changed. If you would like a verbal explanation of how this metric works, go to the Rating tab and click on EXPLANATION. The actual metric is proprietary, just as the USTA rating metric is. Data from the past 3 seasons feed into the rating. The club pros are examining this for accuracy and will give input to the APTA. The league has not decided to use this--it was simply a test. Finally, if the league does decide to use this next year, there is an option for captain level access and higher to view the ratings. The takeaway is that this is still in beta testing, the pros are evaluating it, and the league has not yet made a decision as to whether they will implement it.
Team Sets Games Weeks
Longue Vue ...1 69.1% 58.2% 18/18
Mt. Lebanon 1 59.6% 55.1% 18/18
North Park 1 56.9% 53.0% 18/18
Fox Chapel ...1 56.9% 51.6% 18/18
Edgewood Co...1 56.5% 53.5% 18/18
Fox Chapel ...1 54.2% 52.5% 18/18
Mt. Lebanon 2 52.7% 51.7% 18/18
Pittsburgh ...1 38.5% 44.4% 18/18
Allegheny C...1 35.0% 42.1% 18/18
Oakmont Cou...1 19.2% 36.7% 18/18


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